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Workplace Behavior Extensions And Its Implications

The study and application of behavioral extension requires the investigation of the source of behavior. Behavioral Extension believes that there is no such thing as an isolated expression of any action. Every action is a result deep-set embedded Behavioral set that are almost invulnerable. The unalterable behavioral set is the result of deeply held beliefs and/or prejudices, which were part of growing up. This Psyche can dictate the personality of a person. They are often unaware of the personality they have created. Self Awareness is a form of awareness jolasers.

Human Resource departments need to be aware of the importance of behavioral extension. This function in any organization is responsible to increase morale and productivity and to reduce job turnover. They are responsible for ensuring that employees have the opportunity to improve their skills and offer training opportunities. This is a big task. Because every employee brings their own unique mindset to work, this is even more challenging. It is difficult and overwhelming to understand this mindset. Human Resource Department is guided by the behavioral extension belief in understanding individuals’ mindsets. There are many factors that can lead to a workplace stressor, such as pinning time pressures and high levels of stress at work.

Human Resource functions often fail to treat employees as human beings and instead tend to classify them as’resources. It is a conscious effort to improve productivity by skilling employees technically. They do not realize the relationship between employee’s psychological makeup, and his ‘productive performances’. This narrow perspective guides everything that is related to’rewards,’ as well as ‘punishments, which are also given. What percentage of employees are rewarded for making the workplace fun? Do you not think there are some employees responsible for the ‘positive energy’ in the workplace Even though they may not directly contribute to any increase in productivity, shouldn’t they be rewarded? Their indirect contribution should also be acknowledged. These are the dynamics of appraisal that a 360 degree appraisal tends towards.

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