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Japanese Knives for Cooking

Japanese knives have a history that goes back over 1000 years. They are the result of legendary samurai blades. The secrets to the Japanese knife’s amazing design lies in the techniques used for its construction. It contains a core of soft Iron which provides flexibility and strength. The exterior is Tamahagane, a high-carbon steel that is internationally renowned for its ability to maintain a sharp edge.

When you open your new piece forged steel artwork, the first thing you’ll notice is its light weight. Truth is, Japanese knives are half the weight of European counterparts. You will be able to use them as quickly as the heavy, bulky Western-made knives. You can master precision with Japanese knives because of their agility. However, it takes more time to master them than European knives.

Due to their light weight, they’re safer than Western knives. Why are they safer than other knives? The truth is that the more sharpen the blade, and the lighter the knife, the safer it is. You won’t slip from fatigue, and the knife will safely cut through whatever ingredient you are using.

Japanese knives are not dishwasher-safe. You can also use conventional dish detergents to clean them. Never buy cheap kitchen cutlery. You will soon outgrow it and need to replace it. A quality set of Japanese knives will last you a lifetime.