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How to Make Easy Nutritious Meals

This is how many meals start http://www.my-prep.co/: Saute diced bell peppers and onion in oil for 5-10 minute on med-low heat. Turn heat down, add chopped garlic and saute 3 minutes more.

There are many options for making pasta, rice pilaf and soups from these ingredients. These flavors can be used with so many foods that it’s almost impossible to go wrong. It is possible to make pasta and add salt, pepper, and Parmesan according to your taste. Then, just add a simple green salad and you’ll have dinner. The same goes for rice pilaf. Simply add rice, water and salt to a saute pan.

This is also an excellent way to start a chicken or pork meal. When I cook meat, I either add lemon juice or wine. This can also be done on the stovetop. You can use juice from 1 lemon and chicken tenders (salted and peppered and sprinkled with oregano or rosemary) to saute pan. Turn up heat until bubbling, then cover and simmer for 5-10 mins. To brown the finished product, remove the lid and increase heat. Tip: Make sure there is enough liquid. While you don’t need too much oil, it’s not necessary to use a lot. Wine or lemon juice can be used to enhance the flavor of the chicken and help you achieve this. This will give you a nice, tangy juice that you can pour over your chicken and serve it.

These are just some examples of half-hour meals. A simple, healthy green salad is what I usually make to accompany my main course. It can be prepared in a matter of minutes, and it can be done as the rice or pasta is cooking. A simple vinaigrette is made using olive oil, red wine, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of mustard.

Things I keep in my pantry: onions, bells peppers, garlic bulbs and lemons. Also, fresh carrots. Pasta, rice, beans, olive oils, lower-cost cooking oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, and/or balsamic vinegar. Frozen vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Many of these items can make a great meal by themselves and have a very long shelf or freezer life.

Herbs & Spices I cannot live without: basil and oregano. While I may be missing some, I’ve gotten a lot from the ones I do have.

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